Land Services

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you. I’ve been working in the land business, full time for over a year now and visiting properties is one of the most exciting things that I do.

While we are based in the DFW metroplex, we take periodic trips to Arkansas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

  • Yard Signs
    I’ve found that selling properties can be as simple as setting a sign out in front of it. Especially at properties that have road access. I’ll try to find the most prominent spot to put the sign so everyone that happens to drive by will see.
    Last year I sold 4 properties off of one sign!

  • Pictures
    I’ll take pictures from the front, and all of the corners of the properties. (as long as I can access it)
    Pictures taken in high resolution, with an up to date, smart phone.
    If I see anything interesting or Important, such as wildlife, or wildlife tracks, Utilities, easments, or road conditions leading up to the property.

  • Drone Pictures and Video
    Circling Video from 400 feet
    Straight down photo from the center of the property
    HD Photos from multiple angles
    Part 107 Remote Pilot Certified